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WhatsApp for Windows Phone: We live in the WhatsApp era. It suits the situation the best as all of us uses it on every occasion instantly to convey what we feel. It is true since none of the apps other than WhatsApp has gained such popularity and fame from all sort of people who use the smartphone. WhatsApp App is a platform-independent social messaging application that delivers messages globally to all your loved ones. WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users all over the world. Communication was made easier now for the Microsoft users with WhatsApp for Windows Phone. WhatsApp messaging app is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application that share messages, photos, videos, audio messages, documents, and allows the user to make video and voice calls and more. Get into the article to Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone and know its features.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

The instant messaging application, WhatsApp is available on all modern platforms such as  WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp for iOSWhatsApp for iPadWhatsApp for Mac PCWhatsApp for Windows PhoneWhatsApp for Windows PCWhatsApp for Linux PC, WhatsApp for BlackBerry, and to the WhatsApp for Nokia and WhatsApp for Symbian versions. So any WhatsApp users could communicate with other platform users without any hassle. Share whatever you feel with a single click from WhatsApp provided with a good internet connection.

WhatsApp For Windows Phone-Features:

WhatsApp is bound with distinct and unique features when compared with other messaging platforms. Share messages instantly with your loved ones as soon as you feel from WhatsApp social messaging application. Its features include:

No Fees

  • WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet or data connection preferably 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi that let you share the messages and place calls to friends and family.
  • WhatsApp does not charge the user with any subscription fees.


  • Share unlimited photos, videos, documents, voice messages, location, and contacts.

Free Calls

  • Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling feature. The option even allows you to call even if the person you wish to speak resides in another country.
  • WhatsApp calls use your phone’s data connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes.

Group Chat

  • Stay in touch with family and friends together as a group with Group Chat option.
  • Share all your messages mutually with a maximum of 256 members at the same time.

WhatsApp Web

  • Share WhatsApp messages right from your desktop browser with WhatsApp Web version.

No International Charges

  • Need not spend any extra amount to send WhatsApp messages internationally.
  • Chat with friends and family from around the world with WhatsApp and avoid international SMS charges.

Say No To Usernames & Pins

  • WhatsApp works with your mobile phone number, just like the SMS, and integrates seamlessly with the phone’s existing address book to connect with family and friends.
  • Need not remember any usernames or pins anymore rather WhatsApp functions with the mobile number.

Always Logged In

  • With WhatsApp, you stay logged in always, and so you would not miss any messages from anyone. No further confusion whether you are logged in or logged out with WhatsApp.

Quickly Connect With Your Contacts

  • Address Book Synchronization would help you to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who are already in WhatsApp such that it reduces the need to add hard-to-remember usernames.

Offline Messages

  • Even if you miss out your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp would save all your recent messages until the next time you use the app.


  • All the chat and calls in WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted.


  • You can set your visibility privacy for your status, profile picture and the last seen.

Other Features

  • Share your location, exchange contacts, email your chat history, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and many more feature with WhatsApp.

What’s New With WhatsApp In Windows Phone Version:

  • WhatsApp video calling feature was introduced with version 2.16.308.0. With free video calls, you could have face-to-face chats with your friends and family from around the world provided an internet connection.
  • Send and receive animated GIFs now with the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Draw or add text and emojis to the photos with the new WhatsApp update.

Download WhatsApp For Windows Phone:

Messaging has got a new name and trend with the innovation of the popular messenger application called WhatsApp. Click on the link below to download the latest version of WhatsApp on Windows Phone to enjoy its all new cool features.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp Platforms: WhatsApp for Android |WhatsApp for iOSWhatsApp for iPadWhatsApp for Mac PCWhatsApp for Windows PCWhatsApp for Windows Phone | WhatsApp for BlackBerry | WhatsApp for LinuxWhatsApp for Nokia | Symbian

Screenshots Of WhatsApp For Windows Phone:

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Hope the information and details provided is useful to you in dealing with WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Comment us in the case of any queries.

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